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50 years of history

Built in 1964 at the hands of Americo Pais and Américo Barros, the Fainer is the result of a common dream to these two partners: create a strong company, excellence, impeccably honest with a commercial attitude, able to manufacture fittings for the construction industry an extremely high level of quality and immeasurably demanding. The point that is obligatory reference in its sector.

As both founders of Fainer already had a wealth of experience and very large credibility in the hardware market, because working in this area since 13 years of age, the creation of its own brand was a relatively easy process, as well as the cement of credibility of the product in the domestic market.

In the 90's, now with the 2nd generation of the two families to lead the company destinations, the Fainer extended its commercial horizon, hitherto confined to the Portuguese market. From there, began to export its hardware, in particular for the Angolan market.

Loped half a century after the creation of Fainer, Rio Meão company, Santa Maria da Feira, has already considerable international expression, without being, however, neglecting its important presence in the domestic market, which is the prime consideration for any company.


The Fainer strategy is on a long-term perspective, the ongoing investment in learning new production processes, innovation, upgrading of their staff. Always with the goal of achieving the best price-quality, higher customer interest.

The Fainer is also strongly committed to expand the range of products, in order to get in different areas of the building in order to penetrate strategic / alternative markets and thereby ensure sustained growth of the business project.

Imbued with this healthy nonconformist spirit of need for constant evolution, the "family" Fainer promises to continue to modernize, but in scrupulous compliance with the ideals of the founders of the company: honesty and respect for the customer.

 After all, the customer is the most precious possession of Fainer.


To be a reference of quality and safety in hardware manufacturing for construction, creating economic and social value to all stakeholders.



Social responsability

Over its 50 years of existence, Fainer supported and continues to support numerous social character initiatives, cultural and recreational, organized or co-organized by charities, sports clubs, party committees.

The preservation of the environment is another major option Fainer, which does not dispense with investing in good defense practices of a society more "green." To this end, the company has directed its focus to the recycling of various materials and waste reduction.

Job creation and wealth are values also inserted in our political relationship with society, thereby promoting regional development.


We produce a wide range of locks, from latches to safety locks. We are judicious in selecting suppliers and in the strict quality control of raw materials. The quality of our products is our main concern.

To complement our offer, we also sell quality hardware ensuring our customer a selection of reliable products for doors and gates.


Latches, hinges and lugs



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